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Wow, I can’t believe I have negleted my blog for such a long time!

Well, I have been a bit busy!  The last few years as I have been writing this I was working two jobs, now I am down to one (found it to be easier) and still earning online with survey sites.  There are many ways turn earn on the Internet, but I find surveys to be free, and easy to do.  I work with at least 3 different sites, but like Inbox Dollars most.  That is why I advertise them on my blog here.  They provide many different ways to earn money, some require the use of money but if you don’t have it they have other ways to earn, as well.

These ways I am speaking of are free.  Basically, it’s just doing surveys with Inbox Dollars and also watching there free online TV.

The online TV option is a new idea developed by Inbox Dollars recently, and it’s been a different pace at earning with them since it started.  Basically, it’s just like watching videos, except you watch them through their TV channel which is a link on your dashboard.  I enjoy watching it because it helps me earn more while taking a break from working on surveys.

Anyways, here is my latest dashboard:

As you can see the TV button is there and all you have to do is click on it to earn on it and follow the instructions they provide.  It’s really quite simple.

And yes, you read right.  This is the first time in my history with Inbox Dollars that I hit the three-digit mark! 🙂  I’m loving it.  I have not requested my payment yet because I’m saving up for something.  But to see that they do pay, here is one of my latest checks I received earlier this year:

It’s a check that I received for $95 (sorry for how it looks, I should of done this better) but as you can see I received it in January of early this year. I realize that this site can take a long time to earn, but they do pay out and it has been online for almost 20 years, and it is a very legit company.  I basically do surveys on my spare time so I can get extra money with out having to get a second job.  And it’s fun and free and easy to do.

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