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I have been using Inbox Dollars for many years and have been enjoying it.  Yes, taking surveys can be tedious but I enjoy getting the paychecks in the mail.  But besides being tedious, surveys are one of the most free ways to earn money online.  These days, there are plenty of ways to earn money.  But I stick with mainly survey sites because most of them are free to join… who has the money to pay to earn money?  That’s why I don’t advertise those sites much, because I think it’s best to work with a website who is free.  Now, there are some websites that you can earn by investing, and if you have the money, that’s fine.  But Not everyone does, so that is why I think if you are interested in joining a website to earn money online then Inbox Dollars is the best way to go.

To show Inbox Dollars is a paying website, here is one of my checks from earlier this year:

inboxdollarspaycheck12016I have another one that I cashed out later then January in the amount of $67, but for some reason I cannot transfer the photo from my phone.  Anyways, I am working on my next check and have about $73 built up.

To show this, here is what Inbox Dollars dashboard looks like:

inboxdollarsamount116I’ve earned this amount by doing simple things like taking free surveys, playing games, watching videos, and watching their “TV” videos.  So, there are different ways you can earn online with Inbox Dollars but I recommend surveys because it’s free and easy to do.  And yes, the website is free to join about however it does take about 30 days to receive your first check, but after that you get it in little as two weeks.

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