Latest Inbox Dollars Check is Here

As I promised, my latest Inbox Dollars check has arrived:

inboxdollarspaycheck12016As stated on the Inbox Dollars website and on my check the processing date was the 20th of January and it took about five more business days to arrive.  Now when you see this and decide to join the site to earn some extra money, new users will have to wait 30 days to receive their paycheck.  However, once you receive your paycheck you automatically become a Gold member (free membership) and from then on out you can get your paycheck in as little as two weeks.  Now of course there are other sites out there that pay directly to a Paypal account if you do not feel like waiting for a check, like, but Inbox Dollars is a true legit way to make money online.  Checks are nice because it is easier to refer people with.  It is solid proof that a site pays.

Inbox Dollars has been online since 1999-2000 or so I believe, and have been a strong paying website.  Even though I have cashed out in little amounts like this, they have sent EVERY single paycheck to me.  I believe the highest check I have received from Inbox Dollars is about $65, but I may try for a higher payout this time.  I just basically requested this check early just to show you that the site is alive and well and paying in 2016.  I do recommend it if you are looking for extra ways to make money online! 🙂

Click Here To Become an Inbox Dollars Member

Click Here To Become a Member

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