Inbox Dollars Check Arriving

So this month I’ve decided to request my Inbox Dollars check a little early.  I was originally going to wait until I had so much built up, but I decided to just request it early to show the site is till paying.  Here shows how the site is processing my check:

inboxdollarscheck12016_001I had requested the check on the 12th of January, and Inbox Dollars will process it on the 20th of the same month and then it will be mailed to me.  Yes, I realize waiting for a check is an tiresome and annoying, but Inbox Dollars does payout and checks are easily deposited into your bank account usually with no problems.  Plus if you are good at referring checks are good at that, too 🙂  It shows physical proof that the site can pay.  However, it looks like Inbox Dollars is offering other ways to pay now, too besides just checks.  You can get eGift Cards, and a Visa Gift Card (which can only be used for spending).  That’s why I like checks, because they can be cashed and used for whatever you want.  But at least the site is starting to offer different ways to cash out, instead of just checks.  Now I have $3 on to my account after I requested this check, because when Inbox Dollars processes your check, they take a $3 fee out to do it but they give it right back to you.  I wouldn’t worry about it much since the money is given right back to you, and it has for me everytime I cash out.

If you would rather not wait for a check, is another good survey site to work with.  They are also free and also offer instant payments after a couple of manual withdraws (which only take up to a day or so to complete, which is quicker then most survey sites have to offer).

Until I receive my next Inbox Dollars check, here is one of my latest ones that I have withdrawn:


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Once I receive my check I will post it online.  Have a great day! 🙂

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