Doing Good With Inbox Dollars

In a few days my next check should be processed and sent to me.  Which is a good thing, I like getting money in the mail 🙂 Yes, it is hard to wait, but Inbox Dollars does pay you.  That’s why I would not quit any job if you have one just to do work on Inbox Dollars.  inboxdollarscheck12016_001As you can see, I requested my check on the 12th of January and it’s going to be processed in a couple of days, on the 20th.  Processing just means they are going to get it mailed out to me and then after that I should receive it in the next few days after that.  I have also earn some more money since I made that image of Inbox Dollars, I am up to $4.25.  One of the reasons I’m showing this screenshot of my earnings is because I have an active referral on Inbox Dollars.  Referrals are a nice way to earn money with these sites, because it makes you sort of like a boss.  Basically if you can refer people, you can earn money just by having them do work for you.  However, you can earn more money if you also work along besides them.  Here shows my referral earnings:

inboxdollars2016earnings1As you can see I have earned $0.09 so far with referral earnings.  I know this does not sound like a lot, but it can add up if you receive enough active referrals.  This is just another way to earn with Inbox Dollars instead of just doing surveys or other online tasks, and it can be a fun way to do if you like to work online.

I should have my next check from Inbox Dollars coming by next week, so when I do get it I will post it to show that they are still paying.

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