RewardingWays – Making Money Online with Free Paid Surveys is an easy site to use to make money the Internet (online).  This is a fairly new survey site I’ve used to earn some extra cash, and let me tell you they’ve been paying me on time everytime.  The way to earn money with Rewardingways is like most survey sites, they let you take surveys created by companies to let potential consumers know their product is out there.  Not only can you take surveys to earn cash with Rewardingways, you can also earn money by obtaining points.  Yes, I know, not another point system.  Well, I can tell you Rewardingways is a bit different with their points then most sites are.  Rewardingways actually lets you convert points into actual cash!  Yes, this is possible because I tested it out myself and managed to get an extra $0.38 cents to my account simply just by converting some points I had to my cash slot.

For example, sometimes doing surveys can be a tedious task, so you may want to just go to their point offers and work for extra points.  Then when you get enough points built up, you can just transfer the points into spendable cash!  It’s that easy.  Here is one of my latest transactions with Rewardingways:

rewardingwayspayment2I realize $5 is not a huge cashout, but it’s just to go to show you that Rewardingways works and it’s 100% free to use.  I have not paid a single penny to earn my money here, and it’s a great way to do so.

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