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I have tested many survey sites over the last few years and to find out RewardingWays seems to be one of the best.  I like them for the fact is they pay within a time period of instantly to 24 hours, most notably if it’s not instant you usually get your payment around 24 hours.  I have started using them, and have earned near $80 so far:

rewardingwaysearningsAs you can tell from the screen here I have withdrawn almost $80.00.  Most of my earnings that have been calculated are from taking free online surveys through this site, and just to show that you can also earn from referral earnings I have about $0.13 there.  Granted, I know that amount don’t look like much, but it’s just to show you that you can also earn by referrals if you do not wish to do surveys.  However, if you want to earn for free with Rewarding Ways, then surveys are the way to go.

On the top left of the screen, you can see a “Earn Money” section.  The free surveys are listed here, under “Daily Paid Cash Surveys“.   When you go to Daily Paid Cash Surveys, RewardingWays gives you about 2-3 pages of surveys you can complete either for cash or for points.  “Ughh, points!” you might say.  Well, points on this site may not be so bad.  With Rewardingways, you can actually transfer points into cash under their “Rewards” section to the right.  Basically, you get $0.01 for every point earn.  So, if you earn 100 points, that is a dollar added to your cash earnings.  I have not yet used this feature, but I am adding my points to try it out.

Anyways, to show the site pays here is my recent payout to Paypal:

rewardingwayspaymentHere shows my latest cashout from, in the amount of $8.48 to my Paypal account.  It happened within the last few days, and I received it instantly.  Mind you, most survey sites you encounter payout, but this site I believe is the quickest.  You can request up to $20 instantly daily, and all other amounts are paid in under 24 hours.  And, the instant feature is only available with Paypal.

So, if you are looking for a way to earn extra money online then this could be a good venture for anyone to try out.  This is also one of the few sites that offer some surveys to different countries, but unfortunately not ALL countries. If you are from another country and have a knowledge of earning money online, then referring people will be the best option for you with

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