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So making money online is still a hobby for me, and I enjoy it very much.  One of the newest sites I’ve joined is called, and it’s very similar to most survey/get-paid-to sites.  Basically, with Rewarding Ways, you get paid to complete surveys, and refer people.  You can also earn points which can be eventually turned into cash. is a fairly new site, but it pays just as well (if not better) then the other get-paid-to/survey sites.  After a few manual withdraws (which can be received between 2-8 hours in one business days), a user can withdraw their money instantly through Paypal.  And it does work.  I just did my latest withdraw this way, and I got it within no time flat, and it is great to receive money so quickly!  Only drawback with instant payouts is that with RewardingWays, you can withdraw up to $20 this method.  Any other withraws are done manually, but it’s usually not an issue because it happens in less then a 24 hour period.  I’ve received all my withdraws from the site within 8 hours.  Anyways, this is what Rewarding Ways looks like:

rewardingwayscurrentscreenSo basically they have an offer wall, which is where the surveys and offers are kept, where you can earn money by completing daily surveys.  And, like most survey sites, they have an affiliate program (where users can earn money by referring people.)  They also have a contests every now and then where users can earn a lump sum of cash if the task is completed correctly.  The current contest is win up to $500 for most offers completed, by the end of August.  And of course, more contests will probably occur in the near future.

To show that they pay, here is my latest payout:

rewardingwayspayment399Ventures is the company name of Rewarding Ways that is displayed when the money is received to your Paypal account.  This payment was received instantly, where as my other 2 were received manually.  Only reason the first two payments were received manually was because the site needs proof of who you are (which is why it is important to use truthful information on this site, otherwise it’s considered fraud and you can lose your account).  A lot of survey sites like to pay with paper checks, but I think I perfer sites with Paypal because it seems easier to get your money electronically, in case of fear that you may not receive your check.  However, I have tried out sites that pay with paper checks and have always received payment, especially with Inbox Dollars.  I also like to earn money with them, and Neobux.  These are my top three choices for earning money on the Internet, and each one have fun ways to do so!  Neobux is also a good site for users worldwide, and they also pay instantly via Paypal.

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