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In my last post I started talking about a new site I joined called RewardingWays, and they are a paying site, I have been paid twice.  However, I think I may leave that as an optional blog for my readers if they decide to join or not, and talk about Neobux and Inbox Dollars more.  I think these will probably be my main three sites I will discuss on my blog, since all three seem to be paying.  Inbox is easiest, because I can show off my checks when I receive them. 🙂  I will also post my RewardingWays payments for those who are interested in signing up with that site.  RewardingWays is kind of cool, because after a few payouts, you get paid instantly through your Paypal account like Neobux.  However, when you are a new member, you only get paid manually, but it’s usually within a 24 hour period, so that’s not that bad of a wait.

Anyways, here is the main screen of

rewardingwaysmainscreenAs you can see, RewardingWays is just your typical GPT site where you can earn money by completing surveys, offers, and referring people.  I am surprised at this, but since my last post I have already received one new referral on this site and earned $0.13 from them! Making money online can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a business, so it’s to be taken seriously.  I have started this in 2009 and have enjoyed it, but be warned, I would not quit your day job over something like this 🙂  But it is a good way to earn extra money.  If you would like additional ways to earn online, check out Inbox Dollars and/or Neobux.  They are both good to earn with, except Inbox Dollars takes two weeks to a month to send their paycheck to you, although they now have their own “debit” card you can use to cash out your money.

Click Here To Become A Member of RewardingWays


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