It’s all about the green. Or is it?

Of course life isn’t always about money, but it’s nice to have that little extra something when it’s needed, isn’t it?  Have you borrowed too much money, and can’t pay it back through money just made at work?  Or would just like a little extra something on the side?  Well, that is possible with the Internet! Sure, you can go to the casino and gamble if you like, and earn some money that way, or fine some other off-line ways to earn extra cash, but some people may not want to do that.  And that’s where the Internet lies.

Most people will want to flea to the Internet just to catch up on social media, and that’s fine, but others see if they like to earn a buck, or more.  Most don’t know that you can, or refuse to try because online money making is sort of new.  And most people may not be tempted to try it out.  But if you are, it can be a wonderful thing!  However, you have to make sure you are trying out the right sites.  There are of course many scammers online out there just to try and get your money by making you buy memberships just to cash out.  However, there are sites that do not do this and they are legit and free!  Which is why I highly recommend them, and use them myself for extra cash.

I currently have two jobs, and make money online.  Eventually I would like to leave my second grave-yard shift job, and that’s why I’m earning money online to help me reach that goal.  These sites are : Points2Shop, Inbox Dollars, and Neobux.

These three sites are all 100% free to use, and to earn money with.  I have done fairly well with each of them, and continue to do so.  Points2Shop and Inbox Dollars are survey sites, where you earn cash just simply by filling out surveys and doing various other tasks.  Points2Shop gives you an option, however, instead of just earning cash, you can also take surveys to earn points which can be used for purchases at  However, you have to make these purchases with your points through, and Points2Shop will redirect your purchase to Amazon once made.  It’s pretty cool and I’ve purchased a few items this way.

Neobux is a bit different, here you can earn money simply by viewing ads and is free for all members.  You can also invest here, but I would recommend just starting out for free.  If you would rather work with a completely free site, then Points2Shop and Inbox Dollars is the site for you.

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