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In the past I used to advertise Cashrate a lot as a free way to earn money online, and while they are a good site to use still, I decided to stop promoting them.  Why?  Well, I was waiting for my last check back in August of last year and it never arrived.  Okay, I was fine with that, because all my other ones did and I decided to contact their support about it.  While they told me that the check was mailed out, and I believe it was, no question, but for some reason I did not receive it.  Never saw it in the mail, so I don’t know if it just got lost in the mail or what.  I know I didn’t lose it, because I received a check from Inbox Dollars just weeks prior as to when I was going to get my Cashcrate check.

However, their support (which was usually pretty friendly) insisted the check was mailed and they couldn’t do much about it, even after waiting 90 days for it to clear, so I decided to stop using them and remove my account.  This may have been a drastic measure, but I felt like I was played somewhere.  I don’t think it was Cashcrate, I think the check was just lost but I wish they would of done more for me.

Anyways, that being said, I am still earning online and I will still advertise free sites.  My main site I have been using now is Points2Shop.  I’ve advertised them before, but I will advertise them more now.  Why?  Because their payout is within 2 business days to instant waiting time (via Paypal).  Yep, once you become a Gold member (Free) on Points2Shop, you get paid via Paypal instantly. That is, up to $100 a day.  If you want a higher payout, I believe you probably have to wait for a check.  That’s why I like Points2Shop, because of the instant payouts.  Another site I use for instant payouts is a site called Neobux.  This site is both a free and investment site, but it’s a real business that payout each and everytime, and it’s a good site for anyone to earn with.  However, if your new to earning on line and decide to try out Neobux, I would start out as a free member.  There are ways to progress in the site without having to invest, but if you have the money to invest, go for it otherwise I would say just work your way up.

But if you feel like you don’t want to invest to make money online, then use Points2Shop and Inbox Dollars.  Here you can earn for free.

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