Making Money Online is Easy To Do.

Granted, you may not get rich online, or if you wanted to, you could… but like anything else, making money is hard to do.  I make money online for extra cash, I have two jobs which I currently hold, and it’s fun to come online to earn a little extra spending money whether it be for gas, food, going out, saving, or just paying bills.  I’ve read stories about people who wish they had extra money, and while we are all not born rich, we can surely try and become wealthy.

Being wealthy is not always the best for everyone either, but wouldn’t it be nice to earn some extra cash while waiting for payday?  Think about it.  To be able to earn money without having the need to borrow it.  Now, borrowing is not a bad thing, but sometimes some of us borrow “too much” and have problems paying back our lenders.  That’s another good thing making money online can do, it can help pay our lenders while our work money can do the rest for us.  That’s why if you’re interested in making money online I suggest not to quit your day job… there may be other gurus who may think that might be the thing to do, but it is possible that for whatever program you join may not be around tomorrow.

If that happens, then you may be out of luck.  However, not everyone is lucky to have a job, but need money, and making money online can be good for this too.  However, I would still suggest to look for a job because that can help pay for the bills.

Anyways, I work with three sites mainly.  They are: Neobux, Points2Shop, and Inbox Dollars.  I like these sites because they are simple ways to earn online.  Neobux and Points2Shop pay instantly (via Paypal), while Inbox Dollars takes a few weeks to send out your check.  But they area also offering a prepaid debit card where you can have your cash deposited to now, but I have yet to try this feature.  I usually like to wait for a check, because it’s easier to obtain referrals that way.

Anyways, Neobux pays instantly no matter what membership you are in.  Neobux has different memberships, but I would suggest to start out with their free, standard membership.  Here you can make money instantly and get paid instantly.  Points2Shop is completely free, but is geared more towards US members, even though people from anywhere in the world can still earn with them, Neobux may be better suited for people in other countries who are looking for means to make money online.

To show that Neobux pays well, here is one of my latest payments from them:

NeobuxPayment1I received this money the instant I requested it to my Paypal account.  Now I can use my Paypal debit card to make purchases with it, or have the money deposited to my banking account in a matter of days.  It’s that simple.  But it does take time to make the money, just like any job that you do.  But this just provides means to make extra money online.. and fast 🙂

So why not give them a try?  It’s free to do.  (Eventually you can invest, but you can also work your way up for free)

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