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There are many different types of surveys one can work with on Points2Shop, however the easiest are the USamp Surveys, I believe.  Sometimes, like all surveys, have difficulty approving, but sometimes I think they are the easiest, too.  On your Points2Shop dashboard, these are what the USamp section looks like:

usampsurveysp2shopAt the moment this is about the only amount of surveys available, and you can see they have a high payout rate.  Now, yes, it does say “Points”, that’s because Points2Shop is a site where you can earn points to shop on, but however you can also earn cash in this section.  Instead of earning points, you can change your preferences in your account menu.  Basically, all you have to do is go to your account menu and select “edit preferences” and then select “cash” instead of “points“.  A lot of offers will still come out in points, but then at least this way you still have a fair amount of options to earn cash, as well.  I have mine set in the cash section, so I can earn more cash this way.  On your dashboard, it will still say “Points” like it does on this screen, but that does not matter because it will come out as cash.

I like the USamp surveys because a lot of times they do approve better then some of the other surveys on this site.  Don’t get frustrated if some don’t approve, just keep trying and you will eventually get what you want approved.  Just remember when you are completing surveys you have to use truthful information because if you don’t, you have a chance of getting banned from the site.

The reason why we have to use truthful information is because these are real companies that want our opinions, and they want to know our opinions on their products and/or services they sell/produce.

However, working on surveys is fun, and a free way of earning extra money online.  The more you do, the more you earn!  However, I would advise not to join *too* many sites unless you are trying to refer people to them, because doing surveys all day long can get tedious, but one or two sites is good enough for the start.



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