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So lately I’ve been working with another survey site for extra money, and that site is Points2Shop, and I have mentioned it here before, but I’ve decided to keep discussing it.  This site is pretty cool, you can earn cash and have it deposited it into your paypal instantly (within 48 hours if new member) or have a check sent to you.  They also have various other options, but I prefer the instant payouts you get directly into paypal.  While most survey sites do pay, sometimes you do not feel like waiting a week to a month for your paycheck to arrive.  That’s where Points2Shop comes in.  They are one of the few survey sites that pay instantly, and pay well.  I have received every payment thus far, and thought I would share some of my recent ones.

Basically, Points2Shop works just like any other survey site.  You sign up for it and get paid to work on free surveys.  Once you reach payout, you can request payment.  In order to receive instant payments, you have to become a “Gold” member (which is a free account).  The way to become a Gold member is to order your first purchase from them for at least 100 points (this is why it’s called Points2Shop) and then once you receive your order, you become a Gold member.  Here and only here is when you can received instant payouts, and it’s a nice feature.  No more waiting around for your money!

Anyways, you can receive your payments similar to mine:

points2shoplatestpayment1 points2shoplatestpayment2Anyways, you can earn payments like this buy completing surveys that are on the site which are 100% free to do and they have plenty of them.  In order to receive points, they do have point offers to complete as well, or instead of receiving cash, you can just earn points.  These points are then used to buy stuff with Amazon.com through Points2Shop with the points you earn.  I will go over more of how you can complete surveys in future posts, but it is pretty simple, it’s basically just answering quesitonairres truthfully and then you can get paid for it.

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