Making Money Online is Free And Easy to Do.

We’ve all seen them, ways to make money online by making you pay to use their website, and while for some legit ways to make money online, that is fine to do, as long as it is a legit way and not someone trying to scam you.  I’ve invested to make money online, but my blog is not about investing to make money online.  It’s about being able to make money online for free, and the best way to do that is by joining survey sites.  Most survey sites are free, there are some they may ask you for money upfront, and some may be legit and paying, but why pay to make money online if you don’t have to?  It may be hard to earn money online by taking surveys, but making money is hard work.  Nothing is for “free”.

However, to join and use a survey site is free.  Even to do surveys is free.  And, referring people is free.  That’s why I like to promote them, to show people it is possible to do and one can earn a substantial amount of money if he or she is interested in doing so.  Now granted, it may not be for everyone, and rightfully so.  Just like not every job is not for everyone.  But there are some people who enjoy working on a computer, and this is one way to do it.  And the best part about it, it’s free!  The main reason why I promote these sites.  One of my favorite sites I like to use is called Points2Shop.

Points2Shop is amazing, because it lets you earn cash and points.  If you decide to earn cash, you can pick the option to do so when you first join the site.  After this option is selected, you will be given a handful of surveys you can complete for cash for free.  Points2Shop also has surveys you can do for points, and points is like cash, but what’s different about it is you can use these points and shop for items online at for free.  However, you have to shop through Amazon within the Points2Shop site, but it is the same as going to Amazon.  Instead of paying for cash, you use points.  Or, you can go to the actual site and use the cash you earn on Points2Shop and pay for them that way.

Points2Shop also has a unique referral system, where you can earn $0.50-$1.00 for each US referral that you refer.  The way to earn the latter is to make sure they become active, and the more active referrals you refer, the more $1 per referral you will earn.  That’s why Points2Shop is an awesome place to be, for the many different ways you can earn!  They also have a Shoutbox (chat box)  that you can converse with other members instantly for free as well.  The only thing there is you cannot ask to much help about surveys, that’s what their support and forums are for.  The shoutbox is just a way to have fun with other members.

Another similar site to Points2Shop is Cashcrate.  I’ve been using both the last few years and have had good results, hardly any complaints with them.  However, what’s nice with Points2Shop is as soon as you become a “golden” member you can get instant payouts to your Paypal account.  They are about the only survey site that allows this option, from my experience.  And once you become “Golden” you can cashout instantly per 24 hour period.  I have not really used any other payout methods yet, although I’ve seen people get money from the sites by traditional checks, I just perfer to use Paypal.  It’s easier, in my humble opinion.

Anyways, if you got the free time, why not give Points2Shop a try?  It’s 100% free to join and use!

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