Most of my blog has been discussions about Cashcrate, a very popular way to make money online.  However, I think I’m going to shift a bit and talk about another website that’s also free and easy to make money online with.  It’s called Points2Shop.  This site started a year or two after Cashcrate did, and it’s another get-paid-to (survey) site that one can earn extra cash by simply filling out offers, or by answering surveys for free.  Yes, for free, there are many free ways to earn money online and one of them is with Points2Shop.

“How can you earn money with Points2Shop?”  you might ask.

Well, while Points2Shop may sound like a website where you buy stuff, yes, it is, and you can also earn money with it.  Points2Shop is virtually almost identical to Cashcrate in terms of making money online.  However, with Points2Shop, you can earn points by completing various tasks/offers and surveys and you can use these points to shop for items found on Amazon.com.  Now, when you shop for items, you have to do it through Points2Shop, it won’t work if you go directly to Amazon.com.  Because, your points are earned through Points2Shop, and then when you accumulate enough points, you can purchase an item through Amazon (within Points2Shop) that they have listed.  It’s a fun and different way to shop, and it works.  I have redeemed one prize with them, and only because I work two jobs and haven’t had time to come here and use it a lot.  Although this past year I have, and have almost 3,000 points built up ($30 worth) and made almost $200 in cash by completing surveys and referrals.

Here you can see what my dashboard on Points2shop looks like:

points2shopdashboardOn the top you can see how many points I have, and on the right how much I have earned from offers.  Unlike Cashcrate, Points2Shop also has a shoutbox (chat box) where you can chat with fellow Points2Shop members,  However they prefer not to ask for help to much here but rather go to support if you need help.  Support does respond right away, and they also have a forum like Cashcrate does.  The shoutbox is nice because it’s right there on the dashboard and makes it easier to have conversations with other members.

What’s also nice about points to shop is you can either complete surveys for points, or they have an option where you can earn for cash instead.  I usually do the cash part, and then the offers that don’t pay out in cash will go for points.

Another nice thing about Points2Shop is, that they pay out instantly through Paypal once you become a Gold member.  Again, moving up in this site is free like Cashcrate is, only difference is you have to purchase something through the site in order to become Golden in order to get instant payments.  However, this site is still quick with their payouts, because as a standard member, payment will be received in less then 48 hours.  That’s what’s nice about Points2Shop, which is why I am going to start discussing this site more.  You may have noticed that I have already brought it up here and there, but it may be more often now.  I will still talk about the others, if anything at least post updates on them because they are still worth while sites to talk about.

Anyways, why not try out Points2Shop?  It is free and easy to do.

Click Here To Become A Points2Shop Member

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