Money, Money, Money.

Money isn’t every thing in the world, nor does it have to be.  However, wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra money come into the house and be able to do with as you please?  Sure, we all do.  That’s why I’m glad I discovered survey sites, because it’s fun to come and sit down and do surveys and get some extra money that way.  Of course, surveys aren’t for everyone.  Some like to sit and do them, and others don’t.  Everyone has their preferences.  But for me, surveys are a fun and free way to earn some extra cash.

A site that is 100% free and easy to use is called  Here, I come and do various takes like surveys, free offers, and refer people and make extra money this way.  Now, I don’t make enough money to completely live off of it, but it’s still nice to have once in awhile.  I like going to my mail box and receiving a paycheck every month!

Cashcrate also has a great customer support crew that’s always there to answer your questions, and a forum to also answer questions and meet other members.  I realize coming to a computer and making money online might not be everyone’s thing, but why not give it a go?  I did, and I’ve made enough money over the last few years from various sites to help me get by.  Of course, I also have two jobs so I did not let my online adventures stop be from my actual jobs.  Jobs are important, and anyone with one should keep it for sustainability in their lives.  But extra money is nice also!  There are plenty of ways to make extra cash in life besides work, you just have to go out and find your niche and go for it.

Surveys are a fun way to earn money cause all you have to do is sit down at your computer and answer a short questionaire.  Now, some might say it’ll take 20 minutes long to do, but most of the time it’s cut in half meaning it’s not always going to take 20 minutes long to do.  This goes the same for any survey site, so don’t feel bad if you think it’s going to take a long time to complete because 90% of the time it won’t.  Surveys have various payout rates, anywhere from $0.25-$5!  The higher paying ones are hard to approve sometimes, but if you are able to complete them (and I’ve seen some have) then it’s well worth it!

I haven’t decide if I’m going to cash out with Cashcrate for this month, because I have some car work that needs to be done and I’m thinking of saving the extra cash so I can have it for the following month.  But I am going to be receiving a check from Inbox Dollars soon, and when I receive that I will post it here to my blog.

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