Making Money Online is Easy To Do.

Recently I’ve been posting my proofs of payments to various sites to show that making money online is very real and possible.  I work with free survey sites, because I don’t like to pay for anything if I don’t have to.  However, I will if need be and don’t mind doing it.  But, not all of us have the money to start out with.  So, what’s the next best thing?  Survey sites 🙂

Survey sites are great because the legit (paying) sites are free and easy to use.  Basically all you have to do is join one to your liking and start taking surveys until you reach cashout.  A really good one for me is Cashcrate, that is the first site I started out with.  The next one is Inbox Dollars and Points2Shop.

Cashcrate is great because it’s 100% free, there is no fee to sign up or upgrade, however they do require you to work with them.  Inbox Dollars and Points2shop are similar, but they have a little different layout then Csahcrate.  I like Inbox Dollars because I can earn money by playing games on their site (linked to, and get anywhere from $0.01-$0.02 per game I play.  I know this does not sound like much, but Inbox Dollars does pay you to play games, as long as you make an acocunt with them and their gaming site World Winner (Hosted by GSN, [Game Show Network]).    In order to earn money with Inbox Dollars by playing games, you have to put in at least $10 to play in their cash tournaments.  However, this is not needed to earn money with Inbox Dollars, you can earn for free here as well this is just one of my favorite ways to earn wit the site.

Most of the survey sites like you to work on cash offers, which are mostly free, because you can sample products and get commission for them.  Offers are basically a way for advertisers to advertise new products, and pay survey site users to try them out.  Eventually you might find these products online and try them out anyway, so why not get paid for it?  I enjoy it 🙂

However, if you decide to try out any of these sites, I would not quit your day job.  These are just ways of earning extra money at home, and is not meant to replace your job.  I would feel guilty if that happened to anyone 🙂  But hey, if you want extra money, I’d say go for it.  Cashcrate and Points2shop are the best for offers and surveys, they usually credit pretty easily and both are free.

inboxdollarspaycheck2cashcratechecklatestaThese are my latest checks from Inbox Dollars and Cashcrate as of now, although I do have a newer Cashcrate check that I post online hopefully by tomorrow.. and for Points2Shop :

points2shoppayment1Points2Shop payments are made instantly through Paypal, but you have to become a GOLD  member first.  This is a free membership, and can be achieved for free.  All you have to do is earn enough points (not cash) to make your first purchase (over 100 points) on their site and you become a gold member.  Then you will receive instant cash through Paypal.  You can still receive a good amount of money without being a Gold member, but you will end up waiting at least 48 hours to receive it, which is not bad timing span.

So sit back, relax, and earn some free money! 🙂

Click Here To Become A Cashcrate Member

Click Here To Become An Inbox Dollars Member

Click Here To Become A Points2Shop Member


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