Winter is Finally Over.

Well, I live by the great lakes area in the U.S., and I must say I’m glad winter is finally almost over.  We’ve had a very bad winter… days where it was -15 degrees below zero!  They say it hasn’t been like this since the late 70’s (blizzard of 1978) as they call it.  Now, over the years, we’ve had long and cold winters, but never multiple blizzards and temperatures ranking that low.  I’m just glad it’s over… and with spring arriving next week!

The winter has been one of the reasons why I have not been online to make money like I have been, but I’m working on that still and I hope to continue it. This is a fun hobby and I hope you all like my posts on how to do it as well… the sites I advertise now are 100% completely free (within my blog) because who wants to spend money to make money?

Anyways, I work in a nearby town from where I live so it took me a lot longer to try and make money on the Internet.  But now I am going to concentrate it on more… with the free paid survey sites.  Why?  It’s free!  Well, I don’t have the money to make it so I want to make it for free.  I think that’s the best option, because we all want to become rich but we may not have a lot of money to do so.  So that is why I advertise sites like Cashcrate and Inbox Dollars, because they are both free and easy to use, and always pay on a timely manner.  So does Points2Shop (Cashle).

Now of course you can pay to make money, and if you have the money to do so, then more power to you.  However, I am here to show that you can make money for free.

To show that Points2Shop (Cashle) is paying, here is my latest payment from them:


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