Still Making Money Online.

Hello one and all, thought I’d give a heads up on what I’ve been doing lately.  Working.  Working two jobs.  Kind of sucks, but hey we all need money 🙂  And on my spare time, yes, I come to the computer and earn some money online as well.  It’s all in good fun.  I still work with Cashcrate here and there, but I’ve also been earning with Points2Shop (Cashle) and Inbox Dollars too.  The Internet has really blossomed in different ways to make money online.

And of course, you’re going to find those scammers.  But, there are a few legit ways one can earn money on the Internet, and those are survey sites or get-paid-to websites.  I find these the best ways to earn because they are free to join, and you can earn for free with them as well.  Now I’m not going to lie and say you won’t have to put any money into anything to earn it, and you don’t with these sites, but if you do have the money to build up your business then that will help, too if you want to do this in the long-run.  What I mean by using your own money is buy purchasing a website (or multiple websites) and creating a blog like this one to tell your readers how you are making money online.

Then, once you’ve created your blog, you can advertise it using free methods (writing articles at article sites) or using pay methods by buying advertising.  Both methods can work, but you have to be constantly working at getting referrals for these sites if you want to make money with survey sites.  It’s only an option, but if you are good at marketing, you may want to consider trying to earn this way.  I have, but not as much as I’d like to, only because both of my jobs have kept me from coming to my computer and updating my blog (which is why it’s been a month since I’ve been here) plus we’ve had a very bad winter where I live and I’ve spent a lot of time driving to work and home (picking up hours, I work in a different town then were I live).  But I’m hoping I can update my blog as much as possible, if I have to I’ll have to write multiple posts in one sitting so I can help get more traffic to my site.

Anyways, Inbox Dollars has been going pretty well for me, I’ve been using almost every part of their program and I have $55 built up.  I’ve been reading emails, taking surveys, working on offers, watching videos, referring people, and playing games.  Yes, Inbox Dollars pays you to play games!  Basically you have to sign up to Inbox Dollars to earn by playing games, then you go to their “Games” section and they give you a website called “WorldWinner” (Hosted by the Game Show Network on TV) and you earn by playing in cash tournaments.  You can play for free, but the only way to earn money with Inbox Dollars is by putting down at least $10 to compete in their cash tournaments.  The $1 games pay you about $0.01 per game, and the $2 games pay you about $0.02 per game.  I realize this may sound like little pay, but the more you play the more you earn.  But this is the only an option, you don’t have to earn money by using their cash games, but it is a fun way.  You can earn just as easily by completing offers, surveys, and referring people.

Here is an image of what I’ve been doing on Inbox Dollars lately:

inboxdollarscurrentearningsHere you can see how I’m earning.  I say I have $55 because Inbox Dollars does charge you a $3 fee to process your payment, but look at the top of the photo:  You get a $3 payment bonus.  In other words, to continue to your next check, Inbox Dollars gives you another $3 for your time.  So in other words, you do not really loose out on $3.  So why not give Inbox Dollars a try?  It’s free!

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