New Cashcrate Check Arriving!

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve received my latest Cashcrate check, but it’s coming here shortly!  At February 1st, 2014 Cashcrate processed my next chack and I should be receiving it here within the next week.  I must say about Cashcrate, it’s one of the most steady programs on the Internet that have lasted over the years!  Why?  Probably because it’s a 100% free program to earn with!  Many people have joined over the years in hopes of making some money online.   Or, want an additional source of income besides just their jobs.

Sure, there are plenty of different ways to make money online, but I love Cashcrate the best because you can earn by completing 100% free offers and surveys, or even through trial offers (products and services you can try before you buy).  I usually work with the free stuff on my own, and try and refer people to help me make money.  I’m eventually going to try their online shopping, because you can get paid for it as well.  But I’m an old-fashion shopper, a lot of times I just like getting out of the house and go shopping at the mall or some other retail outlet then sitting at home all day 🙂  But if you’re strained for time, Cashcrate can be great for you too because they offer a number of sites where you can earn a percentage of money by shopping through some major retailers through their website.  It’s sort of similar to trial offers, but here you are shopping without trials, just straight-up purchasing.  I have purchased online before, and it is safe to do, but I’ve never shopped this way before.  I may give it a go here soon in a few weeks, and if I do I will let you know how it went.  A lot of get-paid-to websites offer this method of shopping, and what better way to shop and get paid for it?!

Anyways, Cashcrate has been great to me because they’ve helped me get out of some tough financial jams with this extra money I’ve been making online.  Now, you can’t just go and sign up and say “give me money”, it doesn’t work like that.  You have to put effort into it, but it’s very rewarding because this site does pay, and pays well and in a timely-manner. Cash offers are best to work on because you can get points where you can play games for more points, and use those for more prizes or you can play a game called Crates where you win actual money.  And how much does this cost you?  Nada.  This is why I love Cashcrate… what better way to earn money online then by earning on a free site? 🙂

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