Groundhog’s Day — A little disappointed

Well, living in Indiana has had its ups-and-downs this year.  In the summer, we had a draught and it was very hot for the longest time.  Now, being winter, we’ve had a major blizzard and freezing point that lasted quite awhile… so if I haven’t been to my computer in awhile this is why.  But winter is winding down now, and with February 2 being Groundhog’s day, I was hoping for something a little more exciting then we have six more weeks of winter to wait out!  I know for a fact that it’s still 6 weeks until spring, but I was hoping the snow melts early this year because quite frankly I’m a little tired of it 🙂  Driving in it is no fun, but it still has to be done!

Anyways, winter is dying down here in Indiana and I am kind of happy about it.  I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, and we need to start having warmer weather soon because I dunno how much more of this snow I can take 🙂  Snow is not really all that bad however, I have enjoyed it despite the cold weather.  I have played out in it with my nieces and nephew at times, and even took a few walks in this blistering Indiana weather.  Well, had no choice sometimes, my mechanic is a few blocks from where I live and when I go for an oil change I have to walk home because he needs the car there for most of the day to finish what needs to be done.

But I must say… I am looking forward to spring coming so I can start having some fun again!  But until then, I am going to enjoy sitting at home when I’m not at work and well, continue to make money online 🙂

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