Winter is nearing over… I hope!

Man, we’ve had a rough few weeks this past month where I live.  This has been one of the worst winters I’ve been in in a long time.  We’ve had a ton of snow (which I’m used to) but it’s also been VERY cold.  There were a few days here and there where we had temperatures as low as -15 degrees! No kidding!  Luckily I’ve had those days off of work, so I could be warm and take care of things around the house, or at least help with that work.  But I’m still working online, I just haven’t had much time because of the holidays last month and with the weather being bad the last few weeks.  But I’m keeping this up whenever I get the chance, because I think it’s fun and I hope to make a good source of income with it, but if not, then oh well, I had fun trying 🙂

But don’t let my thoughts on the subject change you from earning money online 🙂  I’m not actually stopping, I’m just not able to do it as much as I did before, but I’m trying to change that.  If I was going to completely stop, I would take this blog off-line but I enjoy blogging because I’m hoping some day it will make me rich.  Or, at least, enough to where I don’t have to live pay-check to pay-check.  I do not live in a big city so jobs are not that scarce where I live (I have two) but it would be nice to make a little extra money on the side and that’s why I turned to the Internet.

For awhile, I was wondering if I should wait until I get a certain amount before I receive my checks from Cashcrate and Inbox Dollars, or should I get them monthly to show that they are still paying.  And yes, they are still paying, otherwise I would not be discussing them.  I don’t believe I requested a check for Cashcrate last month, because I was going to save up for something but decided to request it now to show my readers that the site is still paying.

There’s a few days left in the month of January, so when the first rolls around, Cashcrate will process the check and mail it out to me.  They also have these following ways to pay their members:

  • Paypal
  • Direct Depoist
  • Dwolla

I’m not sure what Dwolla is, it’s something new and might be worth checking out.  Most get-paid-to sites have them, however I don’t believe Inbox Dollars does.  I prefer checks, because I think it’s easier to scan and show off to my readers to see that the site pays.

Inbox Dollars is offering a debit card now I believe as a method of payment, but again, I perfer good old-fashion checks. It’s easier, and if you have a bank account you can deposit them fairly easy and most bank accounts let you have their debit card for free.

But anyways, making money online is free and easy to do.  It depends on how you like doing it, there are plenty of ways, and a lot of scams.  Just be careful on what you choose.  That’s why I list free survey sites like Cashcrate and Inbox Dollars, because if you are new then at least that way you will not have lost any money.  Anyways, my next Cashcrate check will be arriving in February, so come back and check it out and then try the program out for yourself if you’ve got the time 🙂

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