Winter Is Here!

Man we’ve been having a duzy of a winter where I live.  Snow has been coming down, and I have two jobs I go to every day, and it sucks 🙂  But hey, we all need money.  And, in my spare time, I try and make money online.  I still like to go out and have a life, I do not have a problem with it, but if you have Internet connection, why not earn some money with the Internet?  It’s a great tool for such a cause and I can not stress that enough.  Of course, you are going to run into those sites where they claim you can earn a lot of money, and while you may earn some money with them for awhile, you eventually lose out because they shut down and a lot of times don’t even tell you about it.  That’s why I like promoting survey and get-paid-to sites, they are worth the cause!  Most of them are legit, free, and paying.  It’s a great means to earn online, and I’ve been doing it for 4 years, off and on.

My original intent online was to play the stock market, but I decided to go this route too because it seems easier.  Survey sites like Cashcrate are usually the best, but you can also earn by selling things online for retail stores or selling on eBay.  I personally am not into this type of money making yet, but I might eventually.  I just like promoting Cashcrate and related sites only because they are free.  You don’t have to pay to earn, but however if you chose to make it into a business then yes eventually you may have to fork out some dough to earn more.  Sometimes there is no way around it.  But to start off, Cashcrate is free and you can earn your first $1 with them at no cost.

Anyways, this was going to be an everyday rapture post of mine but I ended up discussing Cashcrate 🙂  Well, it’s just the way I am 🙂  But snow is not all that bad, it’s fun to play in!  It’s just bad to drive in it sometimes.  I work in a nearby city where I live and I have to drive a ways and when I was driving, I was going slow so I wouldn’t get into an accident but I felt as though I might of not have made it to work… but I did, took my time, and work I was at 🙂  Hopefully if I make enough money online maybe I won’t have to work anymore… would be nice!  But hey, working is fun.  No need to quit your day job.

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