Still Receiving Checks from Cashcrate!

Well ladies and gents, I received my latest check from Cashcrate this month!! Here it is for all to view:

latestcashcratecheck1Cashcrate still is the leader in online money making (I think) because the site is 100% free and easy to use, and you don’t have to invest anything to earn with Cashcrate.  I work two jobs, and still work online, and my friends at work a lot of them don’t believe you can do this.  Granted, this is just extra money for me at the moment, but this is a lot of fun to do on your spare time.  Have a gift you need to save up for and don’t have the extra money to buy it with?  Need to earn some extra cash to go out to eat?  Well, Cashcrate could be for you then!

The best way to earn with Cashcrate is with the 100% free offers the site has to work on.  They’ve also added some new features, like Top Surveys, which are bonus surveys that one could work on for almost any amount of money (from a few cents to $5 or so dollars) each and when completed, usually get credited almost instantly.

That’s why I like to promote Cashcrate, because of it being free.  I’ve also been promoting other get-paid-to sites, because they are also all free, but Cashcrate I think is the best because it’s totally free and you could make a good sizeable amount of money with the site.

Now, lately, besides Cashcrate, I’ve introduced a site called Linkbucks and it’s a fairly decent site from the looks of it and it’s a site where you get paid to view ads.  I try and mix my links on the site so if the ads are troublesome to you, you have some choices at where to choose to view Cashcrate and other programs I have listed here.  Linkbucks is safe to use as well, you can also advertise your website on them which seems to be a nice feature, and it you decide to use them you can get paid via Paypal.

Cashcrate also pays by Paypal, but I prefer checks because they come flawlessly and without fail.  Payments also come in good shape with Paypal, but I’ve read in their forums that sometimes they don’t receive them until a support ticket is made but I think it’s because Paypal is very new to Cashcrate and there fore they probably don’t have everything worked out with it yet.

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