Making money online is a fun hobby to do.

I’ve been making money online for about four to five years now and it’s been a fun hobby to do.  Why not make a little extra cash while at home?  Sure, you’ve seen the infomercials on TV and find out they are nothing but scams.  Well, I tell you, there are more legit ways to make money online every day!  My favorite though is  Cashcrate is an awesome site because it’s 100% free and a great way to earn online with out any kind of an investment (well, except maybe for a blog to advertise for referrals).  But, if you chose not to advertise, then you can earn online with Cashcrate for free.  Yep, that’s right.  It’s free.  It’s the best way to earn online only for that reason.

The way to earn with Cashcrate is by working on their offers and survey section.  When I first started with Cashcrate, you first only had a selected amount of surveys available but within the past year they’e added more ways then one to earn.  Now they have a “top surveys” section.  Basically, with “top surveys”, you can earn by working on more surveys.  (I know, by the time you are done reading this you will be tired of reading about surveys, lol) Anyways, what’s great about this section is the surveys can have a top payout of almost $5 per survey!  Yes, $5 per survey.  Now, you may not always get qualified, but if you do, that’s $5 to your name for just doing a survey!  That’s even better then completing a $1 offer!  (However, I still recommend working on those $1 offers or any other offer because that can really increase your income with Cashcrate).  When I first started, all we had were offers, surveys, and referring people.  While it was enough to earn a good supplemental amount of income online, they just decided to give their members additional ways to earn.  I mean, why not?  it’s free money!

There is also a new site (well, at least new to me), where you could advertise your blog to help you get referrals.  However, I would only strongly recommend to use this site if and ONLY if you have the extra money.  It’s called Linkbucks.  It’s been online for 7 years (about the same amount of time as Cashcrate), and it’s great.  You can advertise your blog here but only if you have the money to do so.  Other wise, Cashcrate is the best and only free way to earn money online (at least from what I found).

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