Cashle Still Paying.

Cashcrate may be my main source for Internet income, but I also venture into other sites when I get the time.  And another good one (also 100% free to use) is Cashle.  What is nice about them, is they offer more ways then one to get paid.  The differents with Cashle (a.k.a. Points2Shop) is while you can still earn money with the site, you can also earn points to shop online through  Which is great if you don’t have the actual money to go out and buy something!  I have only purchased one item through this way, but the site does pay:cashlepayment1aDe Jong Webdevelopment is their name for their payments, but this site does pay as you can see in the subject line above: “Your Instant Points2Shop Payment!”  And yes, this site does pay instantly.  However, only if you are a golden member.  And to become a golden member is pretty easy.  I believe all you have to do is receive your Golden membership is:

  • Become A Silver Member
  • Earn $25 by completing offers
  • Make one withdraw (or purchase with Amazon)
  • And have an offer that is at least 2 months old

It may be a lot to do, but it’s pretty easy to achieve the status.  I did it without kind of realizing it actually, then I slowed down working online for awhile because of work.  However, I’m still in the game and I enjoy making money online,  plus once you are Golden, payments are INSTANT (through Paypal) every 24 hours!

Not to say Cashcrate is bad, I like working with them too, but it’s always nice to have more ways then one to earn money with 🙂

So if you go the spare time, why not give Cashle a try?

Click Here To Become A Member of Cashle

Click Here To Become A Member of Cashcrate


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