Top Surveys Are The Best

Cashcrate has added a lot of new ways to earn money with, and one of them are top surveys.  Of course, offers are the best ways to earn with Cashcrate, but if you want to earn more and you run out of offers to work on, then Top Surveys can and will work for you.  Basically, these are extra surveys that Cashcrate has added and they pay out, instantly most of the time, and pay out well.  Of course, some only pay like $0.65, but others can pay out as high as $1.46 or more.  That’s why Top Surveys are a good way to earn with Cashcrate as well, because they are giving us more ways to earn.  Here is my latest Top Survey that I completed and earned for myself:

cashcratetopsurveySee the Top Surveys link at the top?  It’s next to the Surveys and Referrals link.  The Top Survey that was available to me paid out $1.46, and I received the money added to my account as soon as I completed the survey.  Now, with some of these large payouts, the survey company may say it’ll take at least a week or two to payout, and one did for me, but I still received my money.  However, this Top Survey paid me $1.46 instantly after I completed it!

“Are top surveys different then other surveys?”  you might ask.

Well, not really.  It’s just an extra means for us to earn extra money with Cashcrate and it has been a great addition to the program.  I still work on offers, but a lot of offers have been added for Ipod and Ipad users, and since I don’t have either, I find my earnings through surveys and referrals.  That’s what’s great about this free program, they keep adding new things for us to earn money with!  And what better way to earn money with then by getting a paycheck in the mail every month?  I’m sure enjoying it.  And you can too.  If you got the spare time, why not give Cashcrate a try?  it’s 100% free and it’s easy to do.

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