Eight-Six Cents for A Single Free Survey

So today I decided to work on some surveys on Cashcrate.  Cashcrate has so many different ways to earn, and one of my new favorites is their Top Surveys.  The Top Surveys is a section where you can earn just by taking simple surveys… which is a lot of fun!

Surveys are a fun way to earn too because all it requires is your time and thoughts to a few questionaires, and in the end you get rewarded for them.  Here is how the Top Surveys dashboard looks on your screen when you become a member:


Here you can see there are a list of surveys on the left that you can take and when you are qualified, you can complete and earn the amount shown.  Yes, some surveys pay out as much as $2 for just one and I’ve seen them go as $5 or more in this section.  You can also earn just by completing the profile on the right.

When you complete a survey, the amount of money will go into your “bonus” section rather then the completed section.  This is okay because you still get paid, these are just an extra bonus one can complete and earn some extra cash while working on offers (which are still one of the best ways to earn on here, they can payout more).  I enjoy working on both offers and surveys, because it’s an easy way to boost up your earnings.  Referring is great too, because you can earn a good percentage of what your referrals do and why not earn a little more?

When you reach your desired amount of payout, (which can be determined in your earnings account), you can earn a check like this one or a larger paycheck (depending on the amount of work you do):


So if you’re bored and don’t have much to do, why not try out Cashcrate?  It’s free and easy to do.  If you would rather not wait for a paycheck to earn from, try out Cashle.  It’s a similar type of site and you can get paid quicker and with different payouts and once you become Golden, you get paid immediately (at least with Paypal [with Cashle only]).

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