Offers Still Approving.

So tonight I decided to work on some more offers on Cashcrate, and while some approved, others didn’t.  Unfortunately, that’s the name of the game when it comes with sites like Cashcrate but if you work hard at it you will see it’s very rewarding in the end.  That’s why I’m still plugging away.  I enjoy making money online, especially on my time of off work, because it brings extra money to the household.  Why not earn more if you can anyway?  That’s what I say.  So, whenever I get the chance, I work with Cashcrate.

Why Cashcrate?  Well, it’s free and it’s a great way to earn extra money online.  You do not have to worry about putting any money down, just work on offers and surveys and you get a pay check at the beginning or end (depending on your membership) of every month.  I enjoy it, and it’s an easy way to earn money online.  What are offers you might ask?

Well, they are a means of advertisement for companies to get their product to consumers in a way they may not otherwise.  Offers are a wide range of services from new products to trying out new websites, and playing games.  Yes, at Cashcrate you can get paid for playing games.  Now mind you, these are only the games founded in the offers section.  Cashcrate does offer other games you can play for points, which are then exchange for cash and prizes.  You get paid with this also, but what I am speaking of are the games that are found in the offers where they ask you to download something and try it out.  In return, the company promoting the game will give you something like $0.25 or $0.50 just for trying it out.  Cool, eh?  I think so 🙂

I mean if you are going to use the Internet, why not get paid for it?  Which is why I started to make money online.  I basically do it on my spare time, after which I do everything else that I need to do.  Then, I wait for my paycheck to come in the mail.  Also, Cashcrate also has a Paypal payment option which you can deposit your earnings into your paypal account.  However, I prefer checks, as it’s easier to show off for referrals.  However, some people like the use of Paypal (and I do use it) but when it comes to promoting a site I just think it’s easier to use checks.  That’s just me.

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