End of the month arriving… and so is a new check!

Well folks it’s that time of month again.  A another month come and gone… and another check from Cashcrate on it’s way 🙂  You know, I have spoke about this before.  I see some people having some financial difficulties, and others just are having a tough time trying to find a job.  Others, well, just want to have fun.  Which is not a bad thing.

But what I’m trying to prove here on my blog is that if you’re short on cash and would like extra money to hold you over until payday, then why not earn from home?  Earning from home has become a tremendous opportunity for a lot of people.  People are earning money online to:

  • Pay Bills
  • Save for a rainy day
  • Buy things they normally would not have been able to
  • Take vacations when they want and actually having the money to do so
  • Save money for their children’s education, or
  • Just saving money for themselves.

Now I’ve started earning online since 2009, and I’m not making anywhere near I’d like to, but I am making some and it has helped me out tremendously with my bills and then some.

It’s great, because I’m able to use the money I make to pay bills, go out to movies (we have a $1 theatre in my area), and have extra money for groceries and going out to eat.  Now, I have two jobs as well, and that’s another reason why I’m not always making as much as I’d like to on the Internet.  But, I haven’t stopped.  Cashcrate is one of the main sites I use for extra money, and I also use another but it’s an investment site and on this blog I’m trying to establish free ways to earn so it can give new users a chance to see what it’s like to earn money online.

Anyways, the end of the month is approaching and I will be receiving another check in about 2 to 3 weeks.  It will be great.  I love going to my mailbox and receive money!  I am hoping I start making enough so I can quit my second job and just stay with my main one, because then I know I can afford to quit the second job.  Anyways, here is a check sample I received a little while ago:

This is a check from a couple of months ago, and the only reason why I did not have one for last month was because I noticed a lot of Cashcrate’s free offers have been targeting people who own Ipad’s and Ipod’s, and I thought I was at a loss at earning money with this site.  I mean it’s cool that they are trying to target more groups of people, but I wanted to do more offers and thought I couldn’t.  What got me to earn more was I found out there are a ton of more surveys to work with (Top Surveys and Bonus Surveys) and I’ve been working with them.  They also have a free online radio called Radio Loyalty where you could earn $0.01 every ten minutes just for listening to an online radio!  I also started this, which helped me earn over $20 to get a check for this coming month.

Well, before I ramble on I am going to let this new post sink in for now and I am going to come back tomorrow and post again, if I can remember to, lol.  I should, I have the day off of work again so I’ll have the time.  My sincere apologizes on the lack of posts however, but I am trying to change this!

Anyways, if you have nothing to do today and would like to earn extra money online, then check Cashcrate out!  It’s 100% free and easy to use.

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