Oh What A Day.

I hate working two jobs.  It’s okay, but the bad part about it is juggling your life around it.  My second job is just a delivery route, where I deliver at 3 in the morning everyday.  The only reason I do this job is because my main job only gives me 20-25 hours a week, since it’s an hourly position.  Anyways, working is good for the money, but it’s really tiring 🙂  I’m sure I’m not the only one who agrees with this.

And the other thing… is gas money!  Unless you have a job that’s next door to your house, you have to spend money on the gas for your car.  Which really sucks.  But hey, we all gotta live and eat, right?  Well, that’s where money comes in unfortunately.

Money is hard to come by.  You’re not sure how to make it.  Kids coming out of high school wonder how they are going to do it, they think about maybe going to college to get an education to get a good paying job, or some just go straight to work after school.  Years later, you maybe working, but decide the money you make isn’t good enough.  Why?  Well, there’s that restaurant you want to try out.  There’s a ton of retail shops you want to spend your money on.  There’s that new car you’ve always dreamed about.

Or maybe you’re starting a family and you need that extra cash but don’t have to get a second job.  Well my friend, look no further.  That’s where the Internet comes in.  Twenty or so years ago, people did not have computers to earn money with like they do now.  Of course, there were computers back then but when I was using them I wan’t thinking about making money with them.  I don’t think they had the technology to do such a thing.  Now, we do.  And there are many sites where you can earn a decent living from, and the sites I like to use are 100% free sites like Cashcrate.

Why?  Simple.  Why spend money to make money?  It doesn’t make since.  Of course, if you have the money to spend and feel like that’s the only way, feel free to.  Well, a lot of us don’t have that option unfortunately so we have to make do with what we have.  ANd that’s why I promote Cashcrate.  It’s a 100% free site to use and earn a paycheck with, and it’s just like working at a job.  Well, not exactly like a job, but you do have to work hard in order to earn with Cashcrate.  But what makes Cashcrate different, is that you do not have to invest in order to earn with it.  That’s why I like to promote them.  It’s a free site.  We all like free, don’t we?

In Cashcrate’s forum, I had a member ask me how I got so many referrals (over 1,000), and I said, it took me four years to accomplish this task.  In other words, I worked hard.  It doesn’t happen over night.  For some it might, because they have the nak for selling skills.  I think I do okay myself, but I would like to earn more online and I hope I get more active referrals with this site.  It’s fun and easy to use, I enjoy using them every day 🙂

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