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Making money online is free and easy to do.  I know, I know, you are probably going to say “oh you need to spend money to make it”.  Yes, that can be so, but not everyone has money to make it and that is why I like to promote  Cashcrate is a free website where you can make a decent amount of cash from, and you don’t even have to invest anything into it in order to make it.  Now, if you want you can, but it’s not a necessity with Cashcrate.  Cashcrate is one of the few programs online that does not require money to make money.

And that’s a good thing!  Because if I want to save up for something, but if I have to many bills to do so from my paychecks from work, then I can come to Cashcrate and earn money online and save up for something.  This way, I’m not looking for a loan, or any other kind of hand out because I can come to Cashcrate to earn some extra money.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s best to have a job before you try and earn from Cashcrate, but knowing how jobs are hard to find sometimes, then you may want to give Cashcrate a try.  Okay, you won’t get rich right away with them, but in time, and hard work, you can earn a decent amount of money with the site.  One thing I do want to let you know about them is if you are a new member (bronze member) you do have to wait at least 30 days before you get your check.  However, once you’ve hit 50 active United State members, you can get your check within a week like I’m doing.

I know you may think how much I’ve made is not a lot in 4 years time, but there are others on the site that have made as much as me in less then a year.  The only reason why I haven’t made as much is because I have two jobs and for awhile I haven’t had the time to come online and work on it.  However, that’s going to change.  Only because I find it fun, and interesting.  The end of the month is coming and I am going to be getting yet another check from Cashcrate.  This time, the money is going to be saved.  I am so looking forward to receiving it!  Basically I have four days to work on some more offers/surveys and then when the first of the month comes Cashcrate will process my check and send it to me and I should receive it in about a week’s time.  Here’s my check from last month to show that the site works:


My next one will be very similar.  This money helps because it’s helping with the bills and making me able to have more spending money.  So why not give it a try if you got the free time?  It’s 100% free and easy to do.

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