Making Money, or free games?

Have you ever wanted to play free games but don’t want to join a site that bombards you with ads in order to play these games?  I know they can get very annoying.  Yes, I have ads on my blog here but I don’t put them in the way of everything like some sites do.  That has always been annoying to me whenever you come across a site and you think it’s for real, and then all of a sudden you can’t even navigate through it because of this.

Well, Cashcrate is different because of this!  Yes, Cashcrate is a get-paid-to website where you earn free money for completing online surveys, but you also get free points to play free games on the site!  It’s awesome.  Basically, all you have to do to earn these points is either work on cash offers (every $1 earn you get 1 point) or work on point offers.  Either would be fine, but if you work on the cash offers not only do you get free points to play free games, you also get free money!  And yes, this is NOT monopoly money it’s free money you get that you can deposit into your bank account or cash out to do what ever you want with.

There are plenty of work-at-home opportunities online, but I choose because it’s free.  100% free to do anything with the site.  The only kind of investment I made is keeping up this blog and possibily using paid advertising.  But, this was to my own choosing.  You can create free blogs to promote Cashcrate, and Cashcrate actually promotes that, but it’s better to have your own domain if you can afford it because then the site is yours and it can’t be taken down for any reason.

Anyways, a blog is nice to have because you can gain referrals with it and in turn earn more money.  However, it’s usually better to work on the offers, because most of them are free and you can get points to play the games Cashcrate has to offer.

Here are the list of games on the site:


Each of these games have tournaments that you can play.  The tournaments cost more points, but you can also earn more points.  If you use up all your points trying to with in the tournaments, you can work on more cash offers to get more points.  (or point offers).  Then you can continue on with the games.

After you win so many points, you can then use the points to get prizes in the prize section, or just keep playing games.

So you see, Cashcrate is great because there is something for everyone!  And it’s 100% free so why not give them a try?  You can earn a paycheck like mine or perhaps one bigger then mine!

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