Latest Cashcrate Check Is Here

Hello folks, well, it has finally arrived!  My latest Caschrate check is here:

cashcratecheck7713Sometimes I wonder why I stopped using this site, it has been great as to earning some extra money!  Have a part time job?  And need to make a full-time income?  Well, Cashcrate is for you then!  I love this site.  It’s 100% free, they do not charge you any kind of fee to earn online and they send their checks to you on time every month.

I know, I know, you may be thinking that $24 is not a lot of money, and yes, it’s not, but it goes to show that you can earn money online without having to invest.  Of course, if you invest, you can earn a lot more.  But, if you don’t have the money to invest, then Cashcrate is the site for you.  I’ve been using them since 2009, and it has been a great way to earn some extra cash.  Now I realize I only made a little over $1,000 but it’s because Cashcrate is not the only site I work with plus I have two jobs that I contend to so it’s hard for me to come and work online all the time.  But I am going to continue to do it, as much as I can.  I mean, why not?  It’s free!  Don’t be fooled by those info-mercials on TV where people try to get you to buy a book that “teaches” you to make money online.  Most of that you can find online for free, and you can earn for free, too.  All you need to do is do a google search on the best ways to earn online.

Now I’m not trying to say investing is a bad thing, because if you can find the right program then it can be very beneficial to you and you can earn a lot of money that way, too.  However, a lot of us do not have the luxury of investing online so Cashcrate is the next best thing.  Why?  Because it’s 100% free!

What is Cashcrate you might ask?  Well, Cashcrate is a get-paid-to program (website) that pays you to complete offers, surveys, and refer people.  Offers are way for advertisers to advertise their product and in turn let you sample them either for free or you can try out with trial offers.  Surveys are 100% free to work on, and you can earn any where from $0.50-$0.80 per survey.  That’s not much, but they have at least 10 available and you can complete each one for up to 24 hours each.

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