Fast Drivers, They Need To Slow Down

Okay, this is a bit off topic, but some of my posts maybe.  Which is why I created this category “My Everyday Rapture.”  The other day going to the store I almost get sidewiped like three times… one was almost a head-on collision and the other two were close calls.  I’m thinking, what would happen if any one of these cars hit me?  More money to spend which I don’t have, and I’m sure not everyone does.  Not saying people are bad drivers, it’s just too bad some people are impatient.  And I live in a small town.  Unfortunately.

Anyway, I’m thinking if these cars actually hit me, what would I do?  I don’t have thousands of dollars to cover the damages, or even to buy a new car.  Well, that’s why I’m not relying on just work for money.  This is where the Internet comes in.  I can’t stress it out enough… it’s one of the best ways to earn extra money!  Okay, so making money online isn’t everyone’s favorite, and rightfully so, but I find it fun because it only takes a few minutes of the day to earn and if you join the right program you will get paid.

Cashcrate is one of these, and it’s one of the best.  Why?  It’s free!  That’s why my blog is dedicated to Cashcrate, because it’s one of the best free ways to earn.  If you want your money faster, there are plenty of investment sites but I feel like Cashcrate is better because they are 100% free and don’t require investment to earn.  I know my checks are small, but it’s only because my referrals are not as active as I’d like them to be, but everyone has their own opinion.

If you would like to join, and try them out, feel free to.  It’s a 100% free site.  If you decide to join, and want to learn how to use the site, check out their forumThey have great admin’s and members who are willing to help out when they can.

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About another week and you’ll see a new one of these on here…

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