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So I’m still working with offers with Cashcrate and they are still approving like crazy.  Although Cashcrate now has two sections to complete offers with… the regular section and a “Bonus Offers” section.  The Bonus Offers section is nice because you can see which offers actually approve the quickest.  For example, I’ve been working with offers that say “comfirm instantly” to get credit with.  I just did a trial offer worth $2.50, and it confirmed instantly making my earnings cue up to $12.50 for this month.  I’m attempting to earn enough to receive another paycheck in July and it’s going to happen!

Cashcrate has been one of my favorite online free money offer (survey) sites, because it’s a 100% free site to earn money with.  Everytime I’ve made payout they would send a check to me to use however I please.  And that’s great, because anyone could use some extra money.

Of course over the last couple of years I’ve slowed down a little with my online money-making ventures only because I now work two jobs, although I am attempting to get back into the swing of things.  I would like to make enough eventually to maybe quit my second job so I can live again 🙂  Although the second job is not bad, it’s just very time consuming at times and that is what can get annoying.

Anyways, to earn good with Cashcrate is referrals.  You can earn comissions with referrals doing bonus offers, to show them that this site pays, but if you do the regular offers you will get a higher commission payout which is how people earn with this site.  Actually, when I first joined Cashcrate 4 years ago, this was about the only way you could earn besides just doing offers yourself.  In the past year, they have added several different ways you can earn wich is great.  It gives a user a greater chance at earning a check faster, and that is the main factor of the site.

When I get my new check next month, I’ll add it to the blog to show the site is still paying.  Until then, here is my latest check I received recently:


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