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So the last few days I’ve been working on some more offers and surveys on, and they have been getting approved!  On one of my earlier posts, I noticed someone said they have had trouble with some surveys.  Surveys are a hit and miss, you have to answer them correctly or they will say you won’t qualify to complete them.  It has nothing against the person, it’s just that’s how these surveys work.  I get it all the time when I work on them, and I’ve done almost 400 since I’ve joined Cashcrate.  The only reason why I advertise these sites is because they are 100% free to join, and use.  I’d rather have someone take a chance at making some free money rather then try and invest into something that may not pay out or turn scam in a few months.  And, yes, that’s happened to me.

I make money online for fun, and it’s just something extra for me to do.  However, making money online is not easy, and these sites are not get rich quick sites.  Sorry if I did not make this clear earlier, but I hope whoever decides to join these sites have some fun at making some extra money.  They are all 100% free (the ones I blog about here), so there is no risk involved.  They also have great support so if you have questions, they are there to answer.  Cashcrate is the top in this, and so is Inbox Dollars.

However, I realize these programs are not for everyone but I do hope some will find them useful in making some extra money.  I know I have, and as you can see, I have not become a millionaire off of them, I’m just making some extra cash to make ends meet.  I also have two jobs, so I’m not just relying on my online ventures.

Anyways, a few new offers have approved for me lately:


I have completed these offers recently, and some are surveys.  Most of these completed within a day, and I have received some referral earnings as well.  Not much to brag bout, but enough to show that the site works, and pays 🙂


Next month I will be receiving my latest check, and when I do, I will post it here on the site.

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