Cashcrate Check Arriving Next Month!

Cashcrate usually pays monthly, but I missed payout this past month.  I’ve been working on offers and surveys myself, and have also obtained some active referrals.  Cashcrate is a strong survey site to make money with, and why?  Because it’s free.  I stress that out in my blog because I know I would not want to make money by spending it if I didn’t have to.  Cashcrate offers a variety ways to make money with:

  • Cash Offers
  • Cash Surveys
  • Paid to Search
  • Watch Videos
  • Refer Others

Offers are the best way to earn with Cashcrate, and as referring others is, too.  However, to get a feel of making money online, Cashcrate offers a variety of ways to earn with their site.  They do this to give the user an experience that they will remember.  They don’t want to limit to only one way to earn money, otherwise the program may fail.  And best of all, Cashcrate made sure they were not an investment site because who wants to lose money trying to earn it?

Anyways, June is now here and it’s a new month to earn money online with paid surveys!  I have almost $9 in my account from last month, so I know I’ll make it to payout the following month.  That is what’s nice about Cashcrate, you can set your payout limit to what you want.  If you want to only make $20 and get paid just to see how the program works, Cashcrate will do that for you.  Or, you can set your payout limit to any amount you want if you are saving for something, or just trying to make some extra money to make ends meet each month.  Now don’t get me wrong, Cashcrate can’t replace a job, but it’s a good way to earn extra money each month to help out.  And who knows, if you earn enough, you may be able to just earn online only but I wouldn’t advise it.  Like any other website, you can never know what might happen to it.  That’s why I suggest to still keep a job if you have one while earning online, because you don’t want to be without any income at all.  If Cashcrate isn’t your cup of tea, there is a similar site called Cashle were you can earn extra money by doing the same thing.  The difference with Cashle is, once you become a “Gold” member, you can get instant payouts via Paypal everytime you withdraw.  Otherwise, it usually takes about 24-48 hours or so to receive payment.

Either site is a great way to earn online because they are both free and good for beginners.  Which is what my blog is all about, to help those who want to earn some money online with paid surveys.

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