It’s Here! My Latest Cashcrate Check Has Arrived!

Well folks, my check has finally arrived!  This proves that Cashcrate is one of the leading money making paid survey programs on the Internet:


Sorry for the image not being perfect, but I took this from my cell phone since my old scanner does not work anymore with my current computer that I have.  Anyways, you can see the site still pays and this check is dated “05/01/2013”.  I received this check in about a week, which is an average time to receive a paycheck from the Internet.  Now see, this is why I like to receive checks from this site.  It’s easier to show that the site pays and I’ve been happy with them.  The only reason why I haven’t used them in awhile is because I’ve been working two jobs and it’s difficult for me to get online and do this everyday.  But, I am attempting to do more with them when I can!  It’s great getting money in the mail rather then just bills 🙂  The Internet can be a life-savor when needing extra money and this check proofs that it’s possible.  Now I wouldn’t rule out on the idea of getting a regular job, because what happens if Cashcrate decides to pull the plug on us?  I doubt it’ll happen, they’ve been online for about 7 years now and have been very successful at helping people make money online.

Anyways, I just wanted to show that this site works and I hope you decide to try them out for yourselfs and earn a little extra cash!  To earn with a site like Cashcrate you basically have to work on offers, surveys, and refer people.  I will in time show you how offers work, and what surveys can do for you but in the meantime why not check out the Cashcrate forums for yourself?  It is a free community where you can get help to make money online.  So why wait?  Check it out! It’s free!

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