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You’ve all heard it: It’s impossible to make money online.  I tell you, it is not!  I’ve been making money online off and on for the past four years, and while I’m not at it as much as I like, (I have two jobs currently which prevents me from getting at my computer as much as I’d like), it is one of the easiest things to do!

You may have seen the ads for making money online by investing into programs, and while there are some legit sites where you can earn by investing, not all of us has the money to invest to make it, right?  Well, there is a solution to our delima! (Sorry, I am not trying to sound like a guru, or Internet Marketing Entrepreneur, I am just trying to say there are free ways to earn money online.  And the most popular way is through a website called

I boast about this site so much because it is the easiest way to make money online and you don’t have to put any money down to earn with it.  When I first started this site back in 2009, all they had were offers and surveys to work on.  Now, you can earn by cash searches and watching videos!  What I mean about earning by cash searches is instead of going to, say Google or Yahoo, you can go to Cashcrate and search in their search bar and earn at least 10 cents a day just by searching information!  Now, I realize that may not sound like a lot of money, and it’s not, but it can add up along side working with offers and surveys.

“But I see people earning checks from Cashcrate that are like hundreds and if not thousands of dollars.  How do I make that?”

Yes, there are people making this much and Cashcrate and so can you.  However, bear in mind, that those who are making this much in Cashcrate that they have been at it for several years and are good in making money online.  Not saying it can’t happen for you or me, but you need active United States referrals to make a lot of money like that in a site like this.

What a referral is, is someone who joins under your name and works on offers and surveys themselves.  In turn, Cashcrate gives you a percentage of money that they work on to you.  So if you know people who wish to make money, this is how you can earn a lot through a site like this.  Mind you though, Cashcrate does not like multiple accounts and when working on offers and surveys they want you to use 100% truthful information because these are real companies working with Cashcrate to give us some extra spending money.  I mean, who can beat that?  I’m for extra spending money!

So, if you got the spare time, why not give Cashcrate a try?  It’s free and easy to use! (And they pay!)

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