Making Money Online with Paid Surveys is Easy

You may wonder– is it really easy to make money online with paid surveys?  And the answer is, yes!  One of my favorite programs I like to earn with is a site called Why?

Because it’s 100% free.  Oh sure, you may see everyone else make money online, but they may pay a fee to do it.  I say, why pay a fee?  I wouldn’t want to.  And don’t.  The only fee I may pay is to advertise this blog, and that’s not for using Cashcrate.  But that’s a different story.

Cashcrate is a great website to earn with because it is completely free.  I used it heavily when I first started to make money online, and started to use it again recently.  And after four years since I’ve been a member, they are still going strong!

Recently Cashcrate has added Paypal to their site again, as another form of payment besides waiting for paper checks.  This is a great option for a lot of foreign members who wish to earn with Cashcrate, because it can take a long time for a check to reach their homeland.

If you don’t know what Paypal is, it’s an online payment processor that allows you to send and receive money.  It is a great way to receive payments with, however I still like to receive paper checks with Cashcrate because it’s easier to get referrals with, I believe.

To see how Cashcrate checks look like, check out the image below:

My Latest Cashcrate CheckThis is a check from last September and I realize it is an older check, but I will be receiving a new one soon.

Anyways, to earn a check like this, or even a larger one, you must complete offers and surveys, and refer people.  Offers are the easiest way to make money with a site like Cashcrate, it’s how most people earn with a site like this.  However, many like to refer people because they can earn extra commission while doing so.  However, if you are new to online money making, this may be difficult for you to do so that’s why I’m suggesting offers may be easier to work on.

Why? Because they are 100% free and you can earn your first paycheck this way.

So if you got spare time, why not check Cashcrate out?  It’s free and easy to use.

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