About to Receive Another Check with Cashcrate

I should of never slowed down with making money online with Cashcrate.  In May, I’ll be receiving yet another check with Cashcrate!  Cashcrate is such a great website, because it’s 100% free to earn.  Why pay someone to earn money online with?  I know I wouldn’t.  At least, to start out with.  If you constantly earn more online and want to go all the way, then investing can be VERY beneficial.  However, I know most of my readers are probably new to the world of online money making, so that’s why I am giving them free sites to work with, so they can get the feel to earn money online.

Cashcrate has been online for many years, and it’s a get-paid-to website.  Meaning, you get paid to use it.  There are many ways to earn:

  • Work on 100% Free Offers
  • Complete 100% Free Surveys
  • Refer Others
  • Paid-To-Search (newly added)
  • Paid-To-Watch Videos (newly added)

Before, Cashcrate would only allow payments through paper checks but have recently allowed Paypal again, so you can get your money quickly.  However, I still rather receive paper checks because it’s easier to get referrals with.  For some reason, I think checks are better proof.

And to show I’m close to receiving my next Cashcrate check, here is the proof:

cashcrateproof2I realize $1,000 isn’t much, this just goes to show this site does pay if you have extra time to earn from home.  The only reason I haven’t played around much with this site recently is because I have two jobs and it’s hard for me to come online and work.  Eventually, I will quite my second job and work online more.  I enjoy doing this, it’s fun receiving paychecks in the mail rather then just bills!  Plus the best of all, it’s 100% Free 🙂

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