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Hello, and welcome to my blog!  Yes, my blog is fairly old now, but since I’ve been neglecting to post here I thought I would treat it as something new 🙂  I am really sorry about my slack in posting, however, I have two jobs now and during the holiday weeks it’s been very hard for me to come here and make money online.  I am still doing it, however I am on several different programs so I haven’t posted much about Cashcrate or anything else lately.  Cashcrate is still a good site to work with, and they are paying constantly to their members.

However, I would like to introduce (I may have discussed it before) another site which I currently work with.  This site is called, and works in the same fashion as Cashcrate does.  However, Inbox Dollars is runned by different people and also pays by checks.  They also have different types of ways to earn money (which Cashcrate has now implemented on their site) and I find it a little more fascinating on Inbox Dollars.  Inbox Dollars has a paid email feature, where they send you emails and if you read them, you get paid.  Also, they have a game section where you can earn money simply by playing games.  However, to earn money, you must click their games link (which can be found on the main page) and sign up for an account on WorldWinner.  Now, WorldWinner advertises on different get-paid-to websites, so if you are already a member, you can’t become a member through Inbox Dollars.  Most sites like this do not like people having multiple accounts.  Anyways,  if you don’t have an account through World Winner, I suggest making one.  It’s free, and you can play games for free on there.  In order to sign up, all you need to do is create an account through, then click on “Games” on Inbox Dollars, and the site will send you to World Winner where you can create an account with them.  To earn money on Inbox Dollars with World Winner, you need to have a Paypal account where you can deposit funds to play games.

“I thought you said I can play for free?”

You can, but you won’t earn any money from Inbox Dollars if you do.  If you want to get paid to play, you have to deposit funds in World Winner via Paypal so you can play in the tournaments.  And what’s nice about this is Inbox Dollars will pay you whether you win or lose !  That’s why I am recommending this, it’s an easy way to earn some easy cash.  You can deposit as little as $10 to play in the tournaments, and if you keep winning, you can just keep playing until you run out of funds.  World Winner also has offers you can work on so if you decide not to deposit your own funds to play you don’t have to.  I just do it because I find it easier to play.  However, I realize not everyone can afford to do this, but if you can, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash!

I will show some images of how the site looks once I find a decent screen capture program, I also acquired a new computer and I am learning Windows 8 now.  But hopefully soon my blog will be returning to normal!


Click Here To Become An Inbox Dollars Member


2 thoughts on “Making Money Today with Inbox Dollars

  1. inboxdollars said your account will soon be inactive click here. I receive an email with a box that says activate but when you click on it nothing happens and I am disqualified from every survey no matter what I select.

    • The only way it can be inactive is if you decide to stop working with them. I think you have six months of inactivity before they close your account, so I would recommend to work on some offers to stay active. If it’s something more serious, contact their support.

      Sometimes also if your email is in a “spam” folder, it may not let you click links. I’ve had this happen to. Surveys are just like that, no matter what site you join. You have to give these sites time, they are not “get rich quick” sites, they are just a means of earning some extra money.

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