Another Check From Cashcrate!

Yes folks, as the above image shows, I have received yet another check from!  I have loved this site ever since I started using it, back in April of 2009.  It’s been one of the best free money making programs on the Internet, and anyone can work on it.  There are plenty of ways to make money online, but not everyone has a product, or money to use to make the money.  So, what to do?  Well, join Cashcrate of course!  Why is this site so good to use?  It’s a site that does not require any money to make money, and you can make your first $1 online just by completing offers and surveys.

“What are these offers and surveys?” you might ask.

Well, that is a good question!  Basically an offer is something that an advertiser puts on Cashcrate to get leads and hopes you will be interested in their product for potential purchase.  However, Cashcrate does have a lot of free offers that do not require purchase!

“So how do I make money with free offers?”

Free offers work the same way as paid offers.  Basically, the free offers are just offers that let you try out a website or maybe a game they have to offer.  Yes, with Cashcrate you can get paid to play games.  Now, it’s not games they have on their site, those are just for points where you can earn to purchase free gift cards to various retailers.  However, companies advertise their site on Cashcrate and a lot of them do have free games you can play, and that is where you get paid to play.  Basically, lets say an offer wants you to download a particular game and try it out for free.  On the right side of the offer, it may say “$0.25” or “$0.50”.  This means you will earn this amount of money (which will be added to your balance) after you have successfully downloaded the game and tried it out.  If you don’t like it, no worries, because you will still get credit.  You may have to leave the game on your system a few days, but you will get credit for just trying it out.

Now how about that?  A site that you can earn to play games and trying out other products for free.  Did I mention it’s free??  So, if you have not much else to do, why not give the site a try?  It’s free and easy to use.

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