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I’ve been slacking with my posts lately, and I’m trying to keep up.  But, I work two jobs so it’s hard for me to come here to update!  Anyways, things are still going strong with my online money making and I’m happy to share my experiences with everyone.  Recently, on Cashcrate, I completed a trial offer and it got paid instantly!  Now trial offers are a bit different then free ones, because they usually require a credit card to complete.  However, they do have a bigger payout then normal.  My most recent trial offer I completed was called BigFishGames,  which you pay a small fee to play games on.  I realize there are free sites you can play games on, but with Cashcrate you get paid to try out stuff like this.  I downloaded a game called Luxor 3 off of their site, and only paid $2.99, but on Cashcrate I got $5 back.  So, I received a two-dollar profit for trying it out! Here is my stats on the subject:

As you can see I do mostly free offers and surveys, but once in awhile I like to try out the trial offers just to see what they have to offer and if I can afford them or not.  Since BigFishGames was only $2.99, and I got $5.00 back, it was worth it.  If you’re new to get-paid-to (survey) sites like this and do not feel comfortable doing trial offers, there are plenty of other ways to make money with them too like referring people, working on free offers and tasks (a new thing on Cashcrate), and playing games to earn points to win prizes with.  I like trial offers too because they offer a much higher payout and it’s easy to make at least $40 in one day with something like this.  However, if you do a trial offer, you usually only can do it once because they keep your record in for security reasons so they don’t think you’re trying to fraud them.  However, that’s where the referrals come in.  They can do the same offer, and you get 10% commission from each referral that does the offer and this is how your money builds up in programs like this.  It’s worth part-taking in because it’s so rewardable 🙂  Plus you also get to try out new products and possibly games like Big Fish Games!

If you prefer not to make money by playing games like this there is another opportunity.  I also work with another get-paid-to site called Inbox Dollars, and they have a game site that you can earn cash whether you win or lose.  The site is called World Winner, but to earn money from it, you have to sign up under Inbox Dollars and then create an account on World Winner.  That way, you can click on the game you want to play through Inbox Dollars, and you will get credit for playing that game.  Here is what it looks like:

Now if you already have an account with WorldWinner either through themselves or through another site similar to Inbox Dollars (like Send Earnings), then it is advisable not to create another account through here.  Sites like this do not like to have its users play with multiple accounts, you can get banned from both parties if they found out this happened.  Besides, why would anyone want to ruin there chance to earn free money ? 🙂

Anyways, I hope you have fun trying either one of these sites.  They are all free to earn with, and does not cost a penny to move up.  So if you got  the spare time, try these sites out and earn! They’re free!

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