Making Money with Paid Offers and Surveys

Recently, I had a post that inquired on how to make money by completing offers and surveys.  Well, it’s quite simple, really.  To make money by completing offers, all anyone has to do is join a site like or and complete offers for cash.  These sites are great because they are 100% free to use and can be paid via check or Paypal!

Anyways, to complete an offer, basically all one has to do is find an offer they like, and sign up for it with truthful information.  Do not worry, all these offers are from legit companies that will not pass your information to third party people.  I know, I have worked with Cashcrate for three year and never once received anything from a third party.  Anyways, the offer list looks like this:

So basically here you have a list of offers to complete.  The offer gives you the name of the company, the information you have to complete the offer, and the payout of the offer.  Now notice these offers listed here are paid out in small amounts, hence, these are the free offers.  It may not sound like a lot to earn, but the more you do them the more they add up.  If you see an offer like this listed, and next to the “X” on the right has a dollar sign ($) next to it, that means it’s a paid offer and requires a credit card to complete.  These aren’t necessary to do, but if you do complete them, normally they offer a higher payout rate (anywhere from $5-$30, sometimes $100).  However, if you feel uncomfortable doing the paid offers, that is okay because you can still earn a decent amount by completing the free offers.

To complete these offers all you have to do is read the description and do what the offer says.  Many of these companies just want you to sign up for them and check out their product, and you get a commission pay for your time.  The more you do these the more you make.  What’s nice about Cashcrate too is that for every offer that you do that adds up to $1, you get a point added to your balance as well and you can use those points to play free games or order free prizes.  So see, there are many ways to earn with this site and most of them are completely free!  However, do not expect to get rich with this over night.  Cashcrate is a site that takes time to earn, and if you work at it of course you can make lots of money with it.  It’s free and simple to use.

So, if you got some spare time, why not give the site a try?  You could earn a paycheck like this:

Or a bigger one! The choice is yours.

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