Today’s My Birthday, and Still Making Money Online!

Yep, today I am turning 37 years old 🙂  Wow, I feel old even though people tell me I am still a baby… lol.  Luckily, I have my birthday off at one of my jobs so I am able to enjoy it.  I slept a little more then I wanted to this morning, but that’s okay I’ll enjoy the rest of the day.  I have to go get a new tire installed on my car today which only should take about an hour, which is part of the many things that need to get fixed on my car.  Ah well, I’m sure I’m not the only one who lags at maintaining a car 🙂  But I think I’ll be making it up now, I figure if I’m going to keep this car I need to keep it up so it’ll last me a few more years.  I really don’t want it to end up being “possessed” like a friend’s car was, meaning everywhere you turn there’s something wrong with the car, lol…

Anyways, yes, I’m still making money online… a bit slowly these days bit still working on it.  Like I’ve mentioned before it’s tough to make money online while working two jobs, but I’m not going to give up on it!  I love getting paychecks in my mailbox and if I start making enough online, I just may quit my second job and just concentrate on this and my main job I have.  Anyways, the way make money online right now is through get-paid-to sites like and  Here, you can make easy and free money by completing offers, surveys, and referring people.  Sure, there are all sorts of ways to make money online these days, but this is the easiest, I believe.  You can join these sites and make your first $1 just to see that it works!  You receive your first $1 with Cashcrate just by joining them.  If you are good at referring people you can make your first $1 with Cashle easily, and even by completing offers.  They make it simple to earn online, because not everyone is familiar with this concept and many people think it’s not possible.  Hopefully with my blog I will show you otherwise.

Here is my current stats with Cashcrate to show you how I make money with them:

What I am doing here is earning by completing offers and surveys.  Surveys usually payout around $0.80 each, and can be completed daily.  Offers payout can range from $0.15-$100, depending on where they are coming from.  There are not many offers that payout $100, but I have seen a few since I’ve been a member of this site.  Once you complete these items, your earnings add up as you see on the right and eventually they mail you out a check that looks like this:

Now this is not the highest amount you can make, there are members receiving checks of $100 to $1,000 each!  That’s what makes this site great is the unlimited earning potential and that it’s free, and you know you are getting paid.  I have received every check from them, no matter the amount.  I use my money for bills, gas for the car, and every other little thing I can think of.  It’s great getting paychecks in your mailbox! 🙂

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