Referrals are the Key

Well, it’s a new month in Cashcrate and I’m still going pretty strong with it.  I’m currently at $10 with the site, and from the help of some of my referrals.  Referrals are a good source of income on the Internet, providing you join a good, paying site.  However, if you want to make good money with Cashcrate and similar sites I would not just stop at getting referrals.  There are plenty of 100% free offers and surveys that can be worked on with get-paid-to sites and it’s about the easiest thing one can make money with when working with get-paid-to’s.

Cashcrate is great at this type of business because the offers are high-approving, and are easy to do.  Plus they have many free offers, and of course there are trial offers anyone can work on, which do pay out more but you may need a credit card to complete those.  If you feel uneasy about it, then the way to make money with Cashcrate is by referring people and working with 100% free offers.  That way, you don’t have many worries to worry about.  Anyways, here is an updated states of Cashcrate for me:

As you can see, I still have another $10 to go to get my check for next month, but that can be easily accomplished.  I’ll have to keep working on offers and surveys myself, and if my referrals keep going as they are, then I should be there in a matter of days.  I realize this may not sound like a lot of money, but the point is this site pays and it’s free which is why I’m promoting it.  There are no fees to upgrade, to join, or to use.  It’s free money anyone can make during their free time at home and I enjoy going to my mailbox each month to find money in it waiting for me!  It’s better then only receiving bills! 🙂  As you can see also, since I’ve joined I’ve earned almost $1,100.  Now there are a few people on Cashcrate making this much monthly, and I’m hoping I can do the same too, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.  It’s not money growing on trees.  Also, I would advise that if anyone decides to join not to quit your day job because this is just supplemental income.  I currently have two jobs and make money online.  Why?  Well, what if something happens to Cashcrate and it isn’t online anymore?  What are you going to do for money?  Now if you feel like you are doing well online, then the choice is yours but I would advise to keep your job if you have one.  Now you don’t necessarily need a job to use Cashcrate though, so this could be a great way for those who need money between jobs as well.  It’s 100% free, and you can make your first $1 online for free just simply by joining Cashcrate.  I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve been with them, and they are always there to help you out. Go ahead, give it a try! 🙂

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