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Hello fellow readers.  I had a website where I used to talk about a popular money-making website called, but I forgot to renew my hosting fee so now the site is gone.  I decided to start up a new one anyways with, which I think they are a better service then the one I had previously.  Not that there was anything wrong with them, I just happened to forget to renew my hosting service so instead of continuing with that site, I decided to step up and work on my new one.  My old site was, and I’m sure some of you remember it.  If you have left comments on that site, I apologize, but it’s too much effort to renew it at the time because the old hosting service does not have a number to call anymore for customer service and I decided to just abandon it.  But do not dispair, I do not plan on getting rid of this website 🙂

My main topic of discussion is still going to be get-paid-to websites, (aka survey sites), where you get paid to use them.  The main site I am going to discuss is like my old blog, but I will also discuss other sites since there seem to be more ways then one to make money online these days! Which is a good thing.

Anyways, I just got my latest Cashcrate check in the mail and I am really happy to say that the site is still paying without any delays.  That’s why I keep referring it and keep using it.  Why waste your time with a site that does not work?  Does not make any sense to me.  Cashcrate has been around for years and pays its members to do offers and surveys online.  I’ve been a member with them for three years now and have made about $1,100 and it has been a great feeling to get a paycheck in the mail!  I enjoy going to my mailbox every month now waiting for that check.  It shows it’s a job well done 🙂

Cashcrate is also great because it’s one of the few free sites that’s 100% free to use and does not require any money to make money.  Besides, why would you want to do that anyway?  Money should not require money to be made.  Anyways, if you just want to check the place out, feel free to.  They have a free forum you can join to check the place out and ask questions.  Also, they have free games to play!  I don’t know, but I think this is a great place to be on the Internet.  It’s always nice to be able to earn some extra income 🙂

Anyways, to show that the site pays here is my check:

Since I am still editing my new site, I will also post my older proof of payments eventually.

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